Who Is The Best Music In Uganda?

Who Is The Best Music In Uganda?

Best Ugandan Music


SampleKent and Flosso, Nutty Neithan.

MeketeNina Roz, Roden Y.

Pull UpKent and Flosso.

ByabangiChosen Becky.

BankuzaChosen Becky.

Dance HallCindy Sanyu, Beenie Gunter, Eddy Kenzo.

TukwataganeJohn Blaq.

More items…

How can I download audio songs?

You can follow these steps to do a new audio song download on any Android for free.


Step 1: Install the Snaptube audio song download app. For some reason you may know, Snaptube is not on the Play Store. …


Step 2: Look for any song to download. …


Step 3: Download audio file on your phone.

What is the best song in Uganda now?

2021 Top Ugandan Songs

Kiss You. B2C.

Easy. Zulitums.

Awo ft. David Lutalo. B2C.

Munda Awo. B2C.

What kind of music is popular in Uganda?

Kidandali. Kidandali is a music genre that currently is arguably the most popular genre of music in Uganda.

Who is DJ ery?

He’s one of Uganda’s most popular DJs / music promotersnd he goes by the name of DJ Erycom, a veteran of local music, with a degree in Information Technology and mul…

What music does Uganda listen to?

Kidandali style of music is the most popular kind of music in Uganda. It takes after Afrobeat or “band music”, even if this style shares little similarity with Afrobeat. The roots of this genre can be traced back as far back as when Uganda got its independence and bands sprung up in the various parts of the country.

Who started music in Uganda?

Perhaps the first well known artist of the genre was Fred Masagazi in the 1960s. The late Elly Wamala contributed a lot in making urban Kadongo Kamu style. Christopher Sebadduka popularised the genre and perhaps this is why he is considered by many to be the God father of kadongo kamu.

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