When To Use Became Or Become?

When To Use Became Or Become?

You’d use become, the sentence is in the present tense. Became is the PAST tense.

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What is the meaning of become and became?

: to come into existence. : to come to be. become sick. They both became teachers. : to undergo change or development.
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What is the difference between “have become” and “became”?

“Have become” is related to the present tense whereas “Became” is related to the past tense. Like for example, He became an officer after few years. They have become experts in their fields. What is the difference between "Have become" and "Became"? This is the difference between the present perfect tense and the simple past tense.

Have you became or become?

Senior Member. Yes, “have become“, as Copyright said. We use the past participle (not the past tense) of a verb with “have” — “become” is the past participle form of “become.”

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Has become or became?

It’s because typical verbs have same past and past participle forms. But, become is an irregular verb, became is past tense and become is past participle.

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What is the meaning of the word become?

Accessed 1 Aug. 2022. 1 : to come or grow to be He became president. It’s becoming cold. A tadpole becomes a frog. 2 : to be suitable to especially in a pleasing way Look for clothes that become you. : to happen to What has become of my friend?

What is the past and past participle of become?

Answer The past tense of become is became or becomed (archaic, nonstandard, poetic). The third-person singular simple present indicative form of become is becomes. The present participle of become is becoming. The past participle of become is become or becomen (rare or dialect).

In what tense is became?

The past tense of become.

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What verb tense is had become?

What verb tense is "had become"? This is the past perfect tense. Any sentence that uses ‘had’ followed by the main verb in the past participle (3rd form) is a sentence in the past perfect tense. Some examples:

What is the become past tense?

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense becomes , present participle becoming , past tense became language note: The form become is used in the present tense and is the past participle.

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When to use became or become?

You’d use become, the sentence is in the present tense. Became is the PAST tense.
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How do you use becomes in a sentence?

How to use Becomes in a sentence


There’s no question he’ll walk away from what he’s doing if it becomes public. …


It becomes your only possession. …


It becomes your problem if he doesn’t believe you. …


A woman becomes of age at twenty-one. …


Don John of Austria becomes General. …


I wonder what becomes of lost opportunities.

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Which is correct has became or has become?

I know the verb “become” and came across “has become” but haven’t seen “has became” in a sentence before. It’s wrong. It should be the present perfect tense: auxiliary verb “has” + past participle “become”.

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What is the difference between become and becomes?

is that become is (obsolete) to arrive, come (to a place) while becomes is ( become ). Other Comparisons: What’s the difference? (obsolete) To arrive, come (to a place).

Should I use “ become” or “becomes”?

Whether you should use " become " or " becomes " depends on what the word intends to describe- number or orders. Here, becomes refers to number. Number is used as singular here, so you should use becomes.

When to Use become and becomes?

Become is the first person singular, second person plural, first person plural, third person plural of the verb to become. Becomes is the third person singular for the verb to become.

What is the difference between the ‘becomes’ and ‘become’ words?

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What does it mean to make something available to others?

available to be shared, or given to someone, because it is additional to what you need for yourself if a road, telephone line, or other method of communication opens, or if someone opens it, it becomes available for people to use

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