What Is The Best Example Of Diversification?

What Is The Best Example Of Diversification?

Apple. One of the most famous companies in the world, Apple Inc. is perhaps the greatest example of a “related diversification” model. Related diversification means there are notable commonalities between the existing products and services, and the new ones being developed.
Aug 9, 2021

What is diversification growth strategy?

Diversification is a strategy used to expand market share or enter new markets by launching or acquiring new products (perhaps through licensing, merger, or acquisition). It allows a company to grow by expanding market share in an existing market or by developing a market presence.
Apr 7, 2022

Which is an example of growth by diversification?

For example, a PC manufacturer starts producing laptops. You may be able to leverage your existing technologies, equipment and marketing to diversify in this way. Conglomerate diversification occurs when you add new products or services that are entirely different from and unrelated to your core business.

What is a diversity and inclusion strategy?

The government’s diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on equal treatment and equal opportunity. It states that ‘It is not right or fair that people are discriminated against because of who they are or what they believe. So we need to stop that discrimination and change behaviour.

What are the 6 best strategies for working with diversity?

6 Strategies to Boost Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Review Your Corporate Communication to Eliminate Unconscious Bias. …

Create Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Policies. …

Make Sure Your Team Knows What it Means to Recruit a Diverse Workforce. …

Provide Supervision and Support to Your Recruiting Team.

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How do you create diversity and inclusion strategies?

10 Effective Diversity and Inclusion Strategies


Using inclusive language. …


Challenging unconscious biases. …


Educating leadership. …


Mentoring. …


Cultural events. …


Diversity training. …


Core company values. …


Create an environment that is suited to everyone.

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Why do we need a diversity and inclusion strategy?

It is important to hire people from all backgrounds as everyone has different skills that they can provide and help to enhance a business. By having an inclusive and diverse environment, this allows more wider perspectives to be integrated when brainstorming, problem solving and developing new ideas in business.

How is the abdomen divided into 9 regions?

These planes divide the abdomen into nine regions; right and left hypochondriac regions, epigastric region, umbilical region, right and left lateral regions of abdomen, hypogastric region, and right and left inguinal regions. Another way to divide the abdomen is with one vertical and one horizontal line.

What are the 9 regions of the abdomen and their organs?

The nine abdominopelvic regions are called the: umbilical region; hypogastric region; epigastric region; right iliac region; left iliac region; right lumbar region; left lumbar region; right hypochondriac region; and the left hypochondriac region.

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How do you start dating after a separation?

12 Smart Ways to Make Dating After Divorce Easier, According to Therapists


Wait until your divorce or separation is final before you start dating. …


Ask if you’re dating again for the right reasons. …


Set reasonable expectations. …


Be honest about your past. …


Go slow at first. …


Make space for your feelings to bubble up.

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Can you find love after divorce?

You can fall out of love with your spouse or even fall in love with someone else while married. It is also possible to find true love after a divorce. Once a marriage fails and ends up in a divorce, there is nothing wrong with loving again after a divorce.

How do I bypass the DJI restricted zone?

There are two main ways to bypass DJI’s no-fly zones restrictions: Self-Unlocking allows you to bypass geofencing restrictions without having to go through the official unlocking process. DJI Fly Safe Unlocking allows you to bypass geofencing from the restricted zones.

How do I unlock Authorisation zone DJI?

Use either the phone number or credit card number associated with your DJI account to verify your identity (if you use your phone number you’ll have to enter an authentication number received via text, so make sure to have your phone nearby). Click “Confirm” to unlock the Self Unlock zone where you want to fly.

What country owns Djibouti?

Formerly known as French Somaliland (1896–1967) and the French Territory of the Afars and Issas (1967–77), the country took Djibouti as its name when it gained independence from France on June 27, 1977.

How much of Djibouti is Somali?

The two official languages are French and Arabic. However, with the ethnic composition of the country consisting mostly of Somalis (60%) and Afars (35%), these groups’ languages are also widely spoken.

What are current events in Djibouti?


Three Gulf, nine African sovereign funds sign deal for investment. …

Somalia accuses Djibouti of detaining national security adviser. …

Several killed in Djibouti as communal violence erupts. …

Death toll rises to 42 after migrant boat capsizes off Djibouti.

Does Djibouti belong to Somalia?

Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Somalia to the southeast, Eritrea and the Red Sea to the north and northwest, Ethiopia to the west and south, and the Gulf of Aden to the east. In antiquity, the territory was part of the Land of Punt. Djibouti gained its independence on June 27, 1977.

How do you play codeword online?

Codewords Online. DKM CodeWords is a word puzzle where you need to fill in the words in the crossword-stye grid. Each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for a number between 1 and 26. There are no clues but you are given one word filled in to help you on your way.

How do codewords work?

A codeword is a crossword grid where each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for a number from 1-26. There will be at least one occurrence of each letter of the alphabet. Certain letters are given as starters. The solver must decipher the rest of the code to discover the words in the completed puzzle.

Who needs a CAGE Code?

Yes, obtaining a CAGE Code is mandatory in order to do business with the federal government or receive federal grant funding. The CAGE Code is a five-character ID number used by the Federal Government to identify vendors. CAGE stands for “Commercial And Government Entity.”

How do I obtain a CAGE Code?

You can instead complete DOD Form 2051, “Request for Assignment of a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.” Section A must be filled out and signed by your sponsoring government agency. The agency may also request the CAGE Code on their agency letterhead.

Does DLA have a CAGE Code?

DLA does not charge for CAGE codes. To apply for and receive a CAGE code is FREE. Companies wishing to sell products and services to the federal government can obtain a CAGE code when they register their company in the System for Award Management (SAM); it happens automatically if you do not already have a CAGE code.
May 27, 2020

How do I change my CAGE Code DLA?

To edit or update your CAGE code, you must have a Username and Password in SAM. If you do not have this registration or are unsure, you need to go to the SAM ( and check or register. Use the Create User Account button. SAM will tell you if you are already registered.