What Is A Section 47 Uk?

What Is A Section 47 Uk?

Purpose of a Section 47 Enquiry
The purpose of the Section 47 Enquiry is to determine whether any further action is required to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child or children who is/are the subject of the Enquiry.

What is a Section 47 referral to the local authority?

Under section 47 of the Children Act 1989, where a local authority has reasonable cause to suspect that a child (who lives or is found in their area) is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm, it has a duty to make such enquiries as it considers necessary to decide whether to take any action to safeguard or …

Who should be invited to a strategy meeting?

Strategy meetings should be multi-agency as far as possible and should involve all key professionals known to, or involved with, the child and family. Local authority children’s social care, health and the police should always attend. Where the child is in hospital, the appropriate clinician should also be included.

What is a strategy meeting?

What is a Strategy Meeting? A Strategy Meeting is for Social Workers and other professionals to plan what they are going to do next about a case. Parents and advocates are not invited.

What are the two strategies of monetary policy?

There are two main kinds of monetary policy: contractionary and expansionary. Contractionary monetary policy: This type of policy is used to decrease the amount of money circulating throughout the economy, typically by selling government bonds, raising interest rates, and increasing the reserve requirements for banks.

What are the 3 monetary policies?

The Fed has traditionally used three tools to conduct monetary policy: reserve requirements, the discount rate, and open market operations.

What is monetary policy strategy of the Federal Reserve?

Monetary policy in the United States comprises the Federal Reserve’s actions and communications to promote maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates–the economic goals the Congress has instructed the Federal Reserve to pursue.

What are the 4 main tools used to implement monetary policy?

Central banks have four primary monetary tools for managing the money supply. These are the reserve requirement, open market operations, the discount rate, and interest on excess reserves.

What games can I play multiplayer on PC?

The Best Multiplayer Games on PC

Regular Human Basketball.

Mount Your Friends.

Golf With Your Friends.

Sea Of Thieves.

Mortal Kombat X.



Fall Guys.

More items…

What is the top 1 strategy game?

Crusader Kings 3, the best strategy game of 2020, has usurped its predecessor’s spot on the list, unsurprisingly.
Mar 11, 2022

What are strategy types?

For better clarification of the term strategy, we should distinguish among three forms of strategy: general strategy, corporate strategy, and competitive strategy. The general strategy is such a strategy as to how a given objective will be accomplished.

What is a good brand name?

Features of a Good Brand Name
It should be extendable. It should be easy to pronounce, identified and memorized. (For instance-Tide) It should give an idea about product’s qualities and benefits (For instance- Swift, Quickfix, Lipguard.)

How do I choose a catchy brand name?

Clarity: A simple, clear, and direct name will be far more catchy and easier for customers to recall. If customers don’t understand your brand initially, they’re less likely to remember it later on. Good brand names don’t require too much explanation. While it should be clear, it should also be adaptable to change.

How do I pick a project name?

5-Tips for Creating Unique Project Name Ideas


Make Your Name Clear. Your project name should clearly advertise to your customer base what your project involves. …


Motivate Yourself. …


Use Keywords. …


Try Your Own Name. …


Combine Words for a Unique Name.

What is in a name strategy?

Main elements. Before you start your naming strategy, you should know the elements of a successful brand name. Considerations include a name that is easy to pronounce, not used by another brand (especially a competitor), easy to recall, short, easy to trademark, and not associated with negative connotations.
Aug 5, 2020

What is a catchy name?

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What is brand name strategy?

A brand strategy is a framework that determines how businesses present themselves to customers and stand out among competitors. Your business’s brand is more than just its name, logo, fonts, and colors.

What is brand name strategy?

A brand strategy is a framework that determines how businesses present themselves to customers and stand out among competitors. Your business’s brand is more than just its name, logo, fonts, and colors.

What is an example of a strategy?

For example, company A’s strategy might be to become the cheapest provider in the smartphone market. Their managers then need to negotiate with suppliers to reduce the costs of the electronic components used in production. This is a tactic to achieve the set strategy.

What is more important creativity or strategy?

Strategy is key to effective creativity. If I were to pick one thing that causes the most disappointments, it is the lack of clear direction. Effective creative ideas begin with a well-defined strategy. Without one, chances are clients will not get what they expect – no matter who does the creative.

What is a creative strategy?

A creative strategy is an intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will ensure and support your long-term business growth. Your creative strategy serves as a call to action for teams and provides the guiding principles for developing the content.
Jun 1, 2020

Does strategy require creativity?

I believe strongly that the answer is yes. At its core, strategy is still about finding ways to create and claim value through differentiation. That’s a complicated, difficult job. To be sure, it requires tools that can help identify surprising, creative breaks from conventional thinking.

How do you develop creative strategies?

5 steps to creative strategy development


Identifying the problem. It’s not just about defining the problem but defining the right problem to solve. …


Create and consider many options. Try and think about things differently. …


Refine selected options. …


Repeat (optional) …


Pick the winner and execute.

Is creativity a strategic priority?

Creativity, alongside innovation, ranks as number one in the strategic priority list of organizations. Creativity is part of all our day jobs, regarding the function inside the organization. Creative individuals bring growth to the organization. Creative teams show more efficiency and better performance.