What Does Law 129 Of Hammurabi’s Code Mean?

What Does Law 129 Of Hammurabi’s Code Mean?

129. If the wife of a man is caught lying with another man, they shall bind them and throw them into the water. If the husband of the woman wishes to spare his wife, then the king shall spare his servant.

What do you put in header comments?

Every header should include:


A brief description of the file.


A detailed description of the file.


Author’s name.


The date of first release.


The developer’s name, date and a description of each revision.


Perhaps a line or two about licensing.

What are header comments in C?

When a reader first picks up a listing, or edits a source file, the first thing that he sees is the file header comment at the start of the file. This should help him start to understand what the file is for, what is in it, what it does, why it does it, etc.

How do you put a comment in code?

Here’s a list of four best practices for code commenting.


Make use of code annotations or tags. Many programming languages define standards for code commenting. …


Keep code comments in the editor. …


Write down why you are doing something. …


Don’t refer to other documents or comments. …


Write comments while writing code.

Can I install Visual Studio Code on Raspberry Pi 4?

Visual Studio Code is one of the best code editors that you can run on your Raspberry Pi. The code editor is packed with numerous features and contains everything you need to write code on your device confidently.

Can I run VS Code on Raspberry Pi?

You can run Visual Studio Code on Raspberry Pi devices. By downloading and using Visual Studio Code, you agree to the license terms and privacy statement.

What is the difference between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code – Differences
Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment, also known as an IDE. Visual Studio Code is a code editor. A developer can easily edit their code. VS is slower when it comes to performing across different platforms.

How do I disable hardware acceleration in VS Code?

Disable GPU acceleration#


Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).


Run the Preferences: Configure Runtime Arguments command.


This command will open a argv. json file to configure runtime arguments. You might see some default arguments there already.


Add “disable-hardware-acceleration”: true .


Restart VS Code.

What is code for the height of a deck railing?

The IRC requires guardrails to be at least 36″ in height measured from the deck surface to the top of the rail. Commercial decks attached to multifamily buildings, such as apartment buildings or businesses, are regulated under the Internation Building Code (IBC). The IBC requires 42″ high guardrails.

How high can a deck be before handrail is needed?

If your deck is below 30 inches, a railing is not required. With that said, if you choose to build a deck, even if it is only 24 inches off the ground, that is still high enough that even an adult could injure themselves.

How do you write Hello, World?

Basic example: Creating and running “Hello World”


Create the following C program and name the source file hello.c : #include <stdio.h> int main(void) printf(“Hello World!\n”); return 0;


Compile the program: …


Run the program by entering the following command: ./hello.

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How do you start Java code?

The process of Java programming can be simplified in three steps:


Create the program by typing it into a text editor and saving it to a file – HelloWorld. java.


Compile it by typing “javac HelloWorld. java” in the terminal window.


Execute (or run) it by typing “java HelloWorld” in the terminal window.

How do you say Hello, World in Java?

The signature of the main method in Java is: public static void main(String[] args) … .. … System.out.println(“Hello, World!”);

Where do I write Java code?

Write the Java Source Code
All Java programs are written in plain text — therefore you don’t need any special software. For your first program, open up the simplest text editor you have on your computer, likely Notepad.

How do I find a mentor code?

Check out hackhands.com, codementor.io and airpair. These are all ways to meet coders that might make the right mentor. Once you’ve pinpointed who you want to talk to — make sure you don’t waste their time! Before you approach someone as a potential mentor, think about your goals.

How do I get help for coding?

Get Coding Expert Help in 6 Minutes. At Codementor, you’ll find top Coding experts, developers, consultants, and tutors. Get your project built, code reviewed, or problems solved by vetted Coding freelancers. Learn from expert mentors with team training & coaching experiences.

Where can I get free coding help?

Top 5 Free Coding Help Websites of 2022






How do I find code answers?

10 Sites to Solve All Your Programming Related Questions












Google Groups.




Programmers Heaven.

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Where can I find people to code with?

A fast new way to find people in your city to code with

A map with the locations of some of our study groups.

Our old forum-based approach.

freeCodeCamp South Los Angeles.

freeCodeCamp Coro, Venezuela.

freeCodeCamp New York City.

Where can I get a free code online?

11 Websites To Learn To Code For Free In 2017


Free Code Camp.


The Odin Project.





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Does C support OOPs?

C is a Procedural Oriented language. It does not support object-oriented programming (OOP) features such as polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance programming. C++ is both a procedural and an object-oriented programming language.

What are the 5 concepts of OOPs?

OOPS concepts are as follows:



Method and method passing.

Pillars of OOPs. Abstraction. Encapsulation. Inheritance. Polymorphism. Compile-time polymorphism. Runtime polymorphism.

What is OOPs concept in C++?

OOP stands for Object-Oriented Programming. Procedural programming is about writing procedures or functions that perform operations on the data, while object-oriented programming is about creating objects that contain both data and functions.

Why We Use OOPs in C++?

Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, hiding, polymorphism, etc in programming. The main aim of OOP is to bind together the data and the functions that operate on them so that no other part of the code can access this data except that function.
Jul 11, 2022