How Many Footings Do I Need For A 16X20 Deck?

How Many Footings Do I Need For A 16X20 Deck?

Quick Attached Deck Footing Chart

Size of Deck
Beam Size
Number of Footings
16′ x 16′
(3) 2×8
20′ x 12′
(2) 2×8
20′ x 14′
(2) 2×8
20′ x20′
2 beams (2) 2×8
6 (2 rows of 3)

How far apart should block joists be?

Always make sure your joist, blocking and any added framing are even and in plane with each other across the tops. Blocking: should be installed edge to edge to allow for fastening of the interior blocking. Blocking required every 4′ – 6′. Blocking must be equally spaced in rows, maximum of 4 to 6 feet apart.

Where should deck joists be blocked?

Layout of Joist Blocking
One of the most popular ways to install deck blocking is to snap a chalk line across the center of your joists and install the blocking on alternating sides of the chalk line. This is done to allow direct nailing of each block.
Aug 25, 2017

Do I need blocking between joists?

Blocking panels are required at each end of floor joists not otherwise restrained from overturning by a band joist or rim board. Blocking panels are required between floor joists supporting load-bearing walls running perpendicular to the joists.

How far apart should deck blocking be?

1. Space. Solid wood blocking should be equally spaced in rows, with a maximum of 4′ to 6′ apart.

How many posts are required for a deck?

Any deck that is 8-by-12 or larger will need a post installed at each of the corners. A line post needs to be placed between each pair of corner posts. The shorter sides—in this case, the 8-foot side—will have 4-feet of distance between deck posts.

How far apart do posts need to be for a deck?

In general, posts should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart. Some builders position them every 4 feet for a completely rigid frame. The maximum distance between footings is determined by the size of your joist material.

How high can a deck be without a railing in Massachusetts?

You can go up to a max height of 30″ before railings need to be installed on a deck. If you have more than two risers you will need a handrail. Railings will need to be 36″ in height and you will need a top and bottom but no intermittent rail.

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