How Do I Get Wordle Game?

How Do I Get Wordle Game?

Where to find Wordle. There’s no official app to download, but the game is available online at You can play using a mobile or desktop browser.

Does the NY Times have a Wordle app?

New York Times Games is excited to announce that solvers can now play Wordle on The New York Times Crossword app for iOS and Android devices. Players will also be able to save their stats and streaks with a free New York Times account, allowing them to pick up where they left off on any device.

How do you get Wordle on NY Times?

You can play Wordle at or on The New York Times Games homepage at and The New York Times Crossword app.

What is the best Wordle starting word?

What is the best Wordle starting word? The New York Times’ Wordlebot originally recommended Wordle users on regular mode start with the word CRANE. But, as of August 2022, Wordlebot now recommends the word SLATE. If you’re on hard mode, the recommended word has gone from LEAST to DEALT.

What is the daily Wordle?

Wordle is a popular game that challenges people to play a literary version of the classic Mastermind games. In it, you must guess a five-letter word within six guesses by using letters from previous guesses as your clues. This daily Wordle is the official daily Wordle puzzle created by developer Josh Wardle.

Where do I find daily Wordle?

Wordle does not have an app. You gotta play it on a web browser. You need to open the New York Times Games site and play. Though the Wordle website originally hosted the game, which was designed by its founder Josh Wordle, it was eventually bought by New York Times in February this year.

What is the Wordle for March 28?

Wordle #282 Answer for Monday, March 28
The answer to today’s Wordle is “found.”

What day does the New York Times Book Review come out?

The 100 Notable Books were announced November 20, 2020. The 10 Best Books were announced November 23, 2020. The 100 Notable Books were announced November 22, 2021. The 10 Best Books were announced November 30, 2021.

How do you get reviewed by The New York Times?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, The New York Times Book Review is operating remotely and will accept physical submissions by request only. If you wish to submit a book for review consideration, please email a PDF of the galley at least three months prior to scheduled publication to

How many free NY Times articles do you get per month?

The New York Times for online access to its current issue. Non-subscribers have access to 10 articles per month before being asked to pay.

What kind of reputation does The New York Times have?

The Times has won 132 Pulitzer Prizes, the most of any newspaper, and has long been regarded as a national “newspaper of record”. It is ranked 18th in the world by circulation and 3rd in the U.S.

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