Can Topamax Cause Electrolyte Imbalance?

Can Topamax Cause Electrolyte Imbalance?

Topiramate is a commonly used medication with several indications including migraines, myoclonic jerks and seizures. It has been reported to cause renal tubular acidosis and severe electrolyte abnormalities, which in turn predispose patients to neuropathology via renal concentration defects and osmotic shifts.

Can Topamax cause low potassium?

Abstract. Topiramate belongs to the new class of neuromodulators, which has carbonic anhydrase inhibitor activity and been associated with renal calculi. It has also been shown to cause renal potassium wasting; however, it is generally clinically insignificant.

Does topiramate affect mood?

Topiramate has some rare but serious side effects such as acidosis, which manifests in symptoms of confusion, abnormal breathing and/or heartbeat, and fatigue. Moreover, topiramate may trigger suicidal thoughts, anxiety, mood changes, behavioral changes, or confusion.
Jan 29, 2016

Do Topamax side effects go away?

Most Topamax side effects aren’t permanent, and go away with time. For example, fatigue (low energy) and feelings of burning or numbness in your hands and feet may go away as you continue taking Topamax. Your doctor may prescribe a temporary treatment to help you manage these side effects for a short period of time.

Can topiramate make you angry?

Topiramate may cause some people to be agitated, irritable, or display other abnormal behaviors. It may also cause some people to have suicidal thoughts and tendencies or to become more depressed.

Is topical saw palmetto safe?

Although some scientific research on saw palmetto is promising, it shouldn’t be viewed as a 100% proven hair loss treatment right now. Saw palmetto is a safe supplement for most men. However, it’s best to check with your healthcare provider before using it with hair loss medications such as finasteride.

Are topical DHT blockers safe?

DHT blockers are safe and effective for most men. However, some DHT-blocking medications may cause side effects, including sexual side effects. The most common side effects of finasteride include decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (ED) and ejaculation issues, such as a reduction in semen volume.
Feb 23, 2022

Does topical finasteride have side effects?

Topical finasteride reduces the potential for systemic side effects, including the risk of sexual dysfunction. The side effects are localized to the application site, for example, scalp pruritus, burning sensation, irritation, contact dermatitis, and erythema.

Is topical DHT blocker effective?

DHT blockers, as the name suggests, block DHT which can cause unwanted side effects. Topical DHT blockers are not always effective, and they are also quite expensive. They’re not FDA-approved, and many don’t have sufficient testing.
Nov 26, 2021

Is topical finasteride safe to use?

Yes, topical finasteride is generally safe to use on your scalp for hair loss treatment. Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), finasteride does not have interactions with other drugs. Therefore, finasteride is safe for oral and topical use in combination with other medications.

Does topical finasteride cause erectile dysfunction Reddit?

If you’ve ever googled finasteride side effects, or, more likely — checked out finasteride side effects on reddit, you’d notice that commonly named adverse effects of finasteride include low libido, erectile dysfunction, reduced ejaculatory volume, and gynecomastia, according to an article published in the book, …
15 Apr 2022

Does topical finasteride have lower side effects?

Finasteride, applied topically, has proven to have a similar efficacy as oral finasteride, but a vastly decreased side effect profile since so much less of the drug is absorbed systemically.

Can topical hyaluronic acid cause irritation?

Hyaluronic acid

The ingredient itself isn’t a direct trigger for sensitive skin, but some derms caution that it can inadvertently contribute to irritation. “It allows increased penetration of other topical skin creams, and this increased absorption may lead to increased irritancy in sensitive skin types,” says Palm.

What are the negative effects of hyaluronic acid?

Does Hyaluronic Acid Have Any Side Effects to Note? Hyaluronic acid is generally safe for all skin types and doesn’t typically lead to any adverse reactions when applied topically, Marchbein says. “Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in our skin, and as a result one should not expect any problems,” Dr.
Nov 18, 2021

What should you avoid with hyaluronic acid?

Second, avoid anything with harsh ingredients like alcohol and fragrance, or anything with a high acid concentration. “The majority of over-the-counter (OTC) cosmetic creams, lotions, and serums are water based and contain less than 2 percent hyaluronic acid,” Frey explains.

Is topical hyaluronic acid safe?

Hyaluronic acid is a very safe ingredient, either when used topically or as a dermal filler. It’s very gentle on the skin. The ingredient itself isn’t likely to cause any type of issue. Still, it’s important to take care as you would using any new skincare product.

What happens if I use minoxidil for men?

In some men, using the drug — which comes as a topical solution or foam — once or twice a day can put a stop to hair loss from male pattern baldness (also called androgenetic alopecia) once it has started. And if you’re lucky, minoxidil (Rogaine) can even stimulate new hair growth.

Does minoxidil have side effects for men?

Stop using this medication and tell your doctor right away if you have any serious side effects, including: unwanted facial/body hair, dizziness, fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, swelling of hands/feet, unusual weight gain, tiredness, difficulty breathing especially when lying down.

Does topical minoxidil lower testosterone?

Answer: Minoxidil for treating #hairloss, does it effect testosterone level ? Minoxidil helps slow down hair loss, but it’s function does not effect the testosterone level and generally it is safe to use.

Does topical minoxidil cause erectile dysfunction?

To date, no scientific studies have made a connection between Rogaine and sexual dysfunction. Men who take Rogaine and experience problems with libido, erection, or performance will often find another contributing factor that explains their symptoms.

Is topical progesterone safe?

Researchers warn that topical progesterone cream may not be a safe over-the-counter product. Progesterone cream is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and as the researchers note, long-term effects of progesterone products can be dangerous.
Dec 22, 2021

When should you not use progesterone cream?

Stop using the cream when the period is supposed to begin. Menopause — No periods for 6-12 months or more –If you have menopausal symptoms and are not menstruating; use the progesterone based on the calendar month.

How long does it take topical progesterone to work?

When to Expect Results: Some will notice results the very first cycle, others after 2-3 months of use. It depends on the individual and the symptoms being treated. Some will not have improvement in symptoms, and it may be recommended to try a more potent form of progesterone (oral or vaginal delivery).
Jul 19, 2017

Does topical finasteride go systemic?

However, while oral finasteride takes effect through systemic absorption i.e absorption by every part of the body — skin, hair, liver etc — the topical formulation provides localized treatment, having decreased absorption when compared to the oral form.
Apr 15, 2022