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This site contains a large compilation of easy-to-read questions and answers about general knowledge and all kind of topics.

Sometimes its not easy to find short direct answers to your questions. Thats why we provide a question-and-answer database where you can easily search and find answers to multiple random questions.

The purpose of our website is to help you find answers to all kinds of topics in a practical, fast and effective way.

Maybe you are starting a new Garden, a new hobby, or maybe you are traveling to a city you never visited before, someone gifted you a new plant and you have no idea what to do with it, here you will surely find an answer.

Many Different Topics

Questions and AnswersWhatever questions you may have about different categories you may find an answer here, you can find answers to all kinds of questions, travel destinations, quick restaurant recommendations, things you can do in the garden, etc. maybe if you are learning the English language this can also be a fun way to get fast knowledge about different topic categories.

If sometimes you just want quick answers and don´t have the time to go through multiple sites and multiple queries, this site is for you. Here you can easily search quickly and find short and reviewed answers to your questions and you don´t have to read hundreds of posts.

If you are starting a garden and want to find quick easy answers, we love succulents! so we have put together a collection of the most popular questions about succulents and more.

Everyday topics, places nearby, Travel guides, Style guides, and more, we have created a cool collection of short simple answers that enable you to learn everything from simple everyday topics to more sophisticated, almost scientific inquiries.

A good general knowledge collection that has a lot to offer. Questions and answers are fun and fast-paced, many ideas that can help you keep your brain sharp and best of all, they suit many categories.


Bored or Hanging with your friends? Our collection can also be a fun way to play trivia. We’ve compiled many of the best general knowledge quiz questions and answers for you to answer yourself or play with others. You can compile a list of questions and answers and print them for a little game night. Or you just use them to broaden your horizon and find out things you didn’t know before.

Good questions

A good question returns more information. If you search for a question, you can gain valuable insight that helps you understand a problem better or see an opportunity that you weren’t aware of before. Great questions allow the conversation to flow with ease. You don’t get that through looking for yes/no answers.

To understand what makes a great question, it also helps to know what type of questions exist:

  • Open-ended questions – they leave room for more discussion and demand for more explanation.
  • Follow-up questions – let you pursue your topic and expand your conversation.
  • Leading questions – prompt a specific response and steer a conversation in a new direction.
  • Know your purpose – Every question you ask will help you gather either facts or an opinion.
    You need to know which kind of information you want and frame your questions accordingly.

There really isn’t a universal formula to asking great questions, because it depends on the context.

Large Database

We have a huge database of questions and answers and we always add more. The data is collected from all over the web. There is no fixed category, we gather questions about hundreds of different topics to make sure there is a wide variety of data available to search for. No need to browse many different sites to find the answer to your question, here you can search our database and get quick straight-to-the-point answers.

Learn New Things

As you get older and advance your career, curiosity tends to take a backseat. This isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s merely a way to ensure that all of your daily tasks are completed on time.

There is a study from Harvard Business which shows the startling truth about the nature of inquisitiveness – on average, children ask about 300 questions a day. When they reach middle school, this number decreases to almost none. Once people reach adulthood, it’s typical for our disposition toward questioning to range from the timid to the hostile. Using our site you don’t have to ask anyone to help you finding the answers that you seek, you can find them yourself.

Good Strategies for Asking Questions

  • Keep your goals in minds. The questions you ask should communicate the facts, ideas, and details of what you are looking for.
  • Aim for specific questions. Instead of beginning with a single question that is complex, try to use a sequence of questions to build depth and find quick solutions to your request.
  • Ask questions throughout your class and ask only one question at a time. When you ask more than one question, students often do not respond because they are unsure which question you want them to answer. In course planning, include notes about when you will pause to ask and answer questions. Asking questions throughout the class will not only make it more interactive but will also help you measure and improve student learning. Do not wait until the last two minutes of class to ask for questions. Students are unlikely to ask questions when they know that only a few minutes remain.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions work better than just asking yes/no questions.
  • Refine and reflect on questions. After you have your answers, take brief notes on which questions were the most effective at achieving your goals that you had set and which questions led to answers that you maybe didn’t expect.

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Today you can simply Google just about anything, but it’s not always easy to instantly find the exact answer to what you want. Our website helps to avoid long searches and browsing through many different sites and blogs.

Whether you want to know something about your favorite movie star or have a more serious scientific question, our database has a wealth of information readily available collected from all over the internet. FInd your answers fast using our search option on top.

We constantly update our database with new questions and answers, so you can always find more information and learn something new.